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Green Strategy

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Rose Investments develops practical, capital needs analysis and “green” strategies for each asset based on quantitative energy models, careful cost estimating and analysis of investment paybacks. Often, we use relatively simple, low-cost green improvements that can be made using proven, existing technologies.

In evaluating potential properties for acquisition, Rose Investments engages interdisciplinary teams of architects, engineers and contractors to assist with physical due diligence, and at an early stage, pinpoints greening opportunities that will enhance tenant experience, reduce operating costs, and increase value.



Although we use sophisticated energy models and metrics to profile our buildings, we believe in applying the simplest of design features and building technologies to achieve maximum results. Examples of highly accessible yet effective retro-fit strategies include:
  • Natural ventilation, including operable windows, ceiling fans, and avoidance of solar heat gain with light-shelves and shades.
  • Commissioning and “right-sizing” of mechanical systems for increased efficiency and savings.
  • Proper insulation of pipes, walls and roofs.
  • Reduction of electricity consumption with lighting retro-fits, motion-sensor switches and purchase of Energy Star rated equipment.
  • Reduction of water consumption through fixture replacement.
  • Use of low-VOC paints and adhesives for improved indoor air quality.
  • Use of recycled or recyclable and sustainable finishes and materials.


Our investment practice takes an active management role in our buildings because we believe that the ongoing operation of assets post-renovation is essential to maximizing the benefits of our green building investments. We actively collaborate with all portfolio property managers, and where necessary, provide additional training in green building operations to building engineering and management staff. Furthermore, we communicate directly with tenants about the benefits of green buildings and provide concrete steps they may take to use greening to help achieve on-going operational efficiency and cost savings.