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Here are nine pieces of music we think you
should hear. We’ve tried to include a review for
each, to give you an idea why we recommend them
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Goldberg Variations, Glen Gould, Piano
Bach, Johann Sebastian
(Sony Classics No. 37779; ASIN: B0000025PM)

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We believe that there is an underlying form to the Universe. For example, the proportions of the distances between the planets is the same as the proportions between the wavelengths of sound between harmonious notes of music. To put it another way, if you turned the balance of the solar system into music, you would hear a very pleasing chord. This architecture of the universe is best heard in Bach. Our favorite Bach recording is the Goldberg Variations, played on piano by Glen Gould (Sony Classics No. 37779; ASIN: B0000025PM. Glen was a musical prodigy, and he recorded two versions: one when he was young and exuberant, one when he was old and wise. We recommend the old and wise version, known as the "late" version. When you listen to Bach, you can almost hear the universe evolving in a magnificent and orderly way. It’s great to listen to when you want to find your balance.

Lorianne_Hunt_BachCantatas Bach Cantatas BWV 82 and 199
Hunt Liberson, Lorraine

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Music also expresses the human journey.  Lorraine Hunt Lieberson was one of the greatest singers of our time, who recently passed away.  Her voice was so rich and dark and full of feeling. Her interpretation of the Bach Cantata’s sooths the mind and warms the heart.

rosanne_cash_the_list The List
Rosanne Cash
(ASIN: B0029LHW5E )

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When Rosanne was in her twenties, her father, Johnny Cash wrote a list of the 100 American songs that he thought that she needed to know to understand American music. On The List, Rosanne sings fifteen of these classic country and folk songs with love and grace. This Album is a wonderful way to get to know some of America's musical heritage, from the viewpoint of an American cultural giant.


"La Divina"
Callas, Maria
(EMDEMI Classic No. 65746; ASIN: B000002S6V)

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Music also expresses the human journey. Perhaps the greatest voice of the 20th century was Maria Callas. Her voice was so rich and dark and full. We recommend her greatest hits compilation "La Divina," a collection of her greatest performances. It’s great to listen to when you want to soar or you need a friend or you want to cry.

Third Symphony, Dawn Upshaw, Soloist
(WEA/Atlantic/Nonesuch No. 79282; ASIN:

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Who is the Bach of our time? Perhaps the Polish composer Gorecki, whose Third Symphony was written for orchestra and voice. Here it is sung by Dawn Upshaw.

Sketches of Spain
Davis, Miles
(Sony/Columbia; ASIN: B000002AH7)

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America's great contribution to music is Jazz. A classic is Mile Davis's "Sketches of Spain." Miles was an amazing trumpet player, and one of the creators of what was "cool" and "hip." Gil Evans was a great orchestrater who took Miles's ideas and enriched them.

Dylan_highway61Revisited Highway 61 Revisited
Dylan, Bob
(ASIN: B00026WU82)

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For much of the 20th Century, American popular songs were essentially about love, or strong like. Bob Dylan changed that. Drawing from the folk portraits of the land of Woody Guthrie, the folk protest music of Peter Seeger, and 20th Century poetry, Dylan wrote and sang in a new voice.  Dylan, never known as a musical singer, has a very expressive voice, sometimes sneering, skeptical or prophetic. But the key is to listen to his words:  weird, wise, worried, Dylan opens up new worlds of images.

My Favorite Things
Coltrane, John
(WEA/Atlantic/Rhino; ASIN: B00000348A)

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John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" is one of ours (WEA/Atlantic/Rhino; ASIN: B00000348A). It is said that one day Coltrane said to Thelonious Monk, a great composer and piano player, "Which note should I play" and Monk said "Both" so Coltrane invented a way of playing a huge amount of music while improvising. Listen carefully: every line is a spontaneously created masterpiece.

Telling Stories
Chapman, Tracy
(WEA/Elektra; ASIN: B000046Q8B)

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Rich, dark, thoughtful, joyous music that tells contemporary stories that touch universal human issues.

Marley, Bob
(UNI/Mercury; ASIN: B000001FY9)

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Bob Marley was a joyous, brilliant prophet, who encouraged all to seek personal, spiritual and political freedom. His albums "Legend" and "No Woman, No Cry" will pick you up in the morning, and keep you company late at night.